Spiritual maturity goes from something you do alone to something we do together.
Share life together around the table
Share life together around the table
Live as family
As the family of God, we take time to eat together, pray for one another, talk honestly and share life together. We exist to love and support each other in practical ways.
Become like Jesus
Through deep friendships, we can change our lives to be more like Jesus by helping each other follow him. Yes, living together means we’ll have conflict. But that’s okay. When we stick with each other, even when we’re different, we learn more about ourselves and how to love others better.
Do what Jesus did
We’re not just living for ourselves, we’re living for something bigger. We want to do what Jesus would do if He was one of us, working with God to show his love to those we meet and bring hope to a broken world.
Practice the way of Jesus together
Practice the way of Jesus together


22 Mar, 12 Apr,
26 Apr, 10 May
& 24 May
22 Mar, 12 Apr, 26 Apr, 10 May & 24 May
7.30 - 8.30 PM DINNERRRR
We gather around the table to eat together and talk to each other. Sometimes a few of us whip up something for the rest, but most of the time we grabfood together.
8.30 - 9.30 PM LEARNING
We learn about a practice from the way of Jesus and discuss how it’s like for us with our small group after trying it out. Sometimes we pair up with people who are different from us because it helps us to discover a part of us that we never knew before. But we stick with the same group for four weeks. Less awkward.

How it works?

Information alone is not enough to produce formation.
The Practices are a four-week journey that you do with a group. Each week, you’ll meet with your group to learn. Then you’ll try to put it into practice in your life. Before you meet up again, you can reflect with God and others, and maybe check out some extra books if you want.

We don’t just want to know what Jesus taught, we want to do what he taught. We get his ideas from our minds into the muscle memory of our bodies. It opens us to God, helps us get closer to him and let him change us into people of love.
Commit to a Community
Be a part of this family and stick it out to grow together. You need a safe space as much as everyone else, but it only works if all of us show up together. If you cannot make it for any of the dates, you should join the next cycle instead of this one. Trust us.
Dates: 22 Mar, 12 Apr, 26 Apr, 10 May & 24 May
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